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Supplementary Requirements for "Double Tests" of China-Bound Passengers Departing from Switzerland by Flight
      If passengers, who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 or who have not been diagnosed but are positive in any one of nucleic acid (PCR)and IgM antibody tests before vaccination, plan to travel to China from Switzerland, they shall follow the procedures as follows:

    1. Passengers shall perform a lung examination at the hospital and two nucleic acid tests at the testing center designated by the Chinese Embassy or Consulate General in Switzerland. The sampling interval of the two nucleic acid test should not be less than 24 hours. Please submit by e-mail the diagnostic certificate containing the lung CT or X-ray results and the two negative nucleic acid test reports to the Chinese Embassy or Consulate General in Switzerland for review.

    2. After review and confirmation by the Chinese Embassy or Consulate General, please proceed to conduct self-isolation management and health monitoring for 14 days.

    3. If the self-isolation and monitoring results are normal, please perform the "double tests" (PCR test and IgM test) within 48 hours before the date of boarding as required, and submit the corresponding test report to apply for the health code.

    Email of the Chinese Embassy in Switzerland: visastelle@bluewin.ch

    Email of the Chinese Consulate General in Zurich: zuerich@126.com


          Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Switzerland 

        Consulate General of the People's Republic of China in Zurich

                                June 17, 2021                                   

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